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MiniChrom Prototype, played by Mitch Weiss

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:43 pm
by Brendan
I sent one of my Richter 10-hole MiniChrom prototypes to New York player Mitch Weiss to evaluate. Mitch has been playing my old custom Richter CX10s for many years. He found the small size and moving slider/mouthpiece a bit odd at first, but he seems to be adapting pretty well - judging by the sound of these clips!

They are two Marine Band harps in Db/D, with slider notes in hole 3 altered slightly to Mitch's choice - but otherwise stock Richter tuning, half-valved.

I'm currently working on the webpages for the MiniChrom and other TwinDiatonic harmonicas; available for ordering from 20th Sept. More info on the TwinDiatonics here: ... atonic.php

Re: MiniChrom Prototype, played by Mitch Weiss

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:26 am
by Ed Coogan
Wow!! Exciting stuff. Mitch sounded great.
If I understand correctly, the player will be able to put any two of the same model diatonics together, yes?
If so, what models will fit the MiniChrom?
- and when can we order?
Ed Coogan
Hunkerin' down in North Fl.

Re: MiniChrom Prototype, played by Mitch Weiss

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:50 pm
by Brendan
Hi Ed - currently I have the MiniChrom designed for Hohner, Seydel & Suzuki diatonics, and will add Easttop as well. There are only subtle differences between Hohner/Suzuki/Easttop sizes, but of course the Seydel version has wider hole spacing.

We're just working on getting all the ordering options for each of the TwinDiatonic harps (5 different types) ready now, with a planned launch on 20th September. The plan is to offer these instruments in two ways:

1. Self Assembly to Your Own Harps.
The customer selects the type of TwinDiatonic and the brand of harp they want it to fit, and orders the parts of mine they want. That would be the front unit at least, plus valve kits and valve-friendly PowerCombs that will fit their brand if they wish. Then they fit my parts to their harps. I'll be putting up good instructional videos on how to do this, for each type.

2. Custom Assembly
I'm patrnering with a few top-class harp techs, who will be my Recommended Customisers for the different brands. Each of them has a range of prices for their work, which will include embossing, fine tuning and full assembly. An order will include the cost of my 3D printed parts, the two harmonicas, and the Recommended Customiser's services. When an order is received, I ship my parts to the RC, they customise and assemble according to the customer's choice, and post the finished TwinDiatonic to the customer.

Option 2 will take longer and cost more, but you'll get the assurance that the finished instrument has been lovingly set up to a very high standard, and it will be covered with a guarantee under the Recommended Customiser's Terms and Conditions.

Of course a customer could also order my parts and have them sent to a harp tech of their choice to do the work if they prefer.