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New Switch-Harp Models Available

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:16 am
by Brendan
I've been busy designing specialist Switch-Harp front units to fit a bigger range of diatonic harmonicas. The latest ones you can fit are the Hohner Special 20, Suzuki lipped harps like Bluesmaster/Harpmaster/SUB30, and the Lucky 13.

In addition my own-brand 10-hole PowerBender/PowerDraw harps made by Kongsheng will fit the Suzuki lipped harp front unit, since they are a direct copy of the Harpmaster. That goes for all standard Kongsheng lipped harps like the Amazing 20, as well as the Bushman Delta Frost (which is a Kongsheng Amazing 20 with a different name on the covers).

Plenty of photos and more info here for those interested: ... -minichrom