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Asiabend TABS

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:05 pm
by gollinger
Anyone on this forum have Tabs for the Asiabend

Re: Asiabend

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:52 am
by Brendan
Thanks for the query. It's not something I've considered up till now, but it could be a good idea - as the AsiaBend is certainly quite different to anything else out there! To do it digitally would require some specialist Tab software, or an adaptation of existing software. I'll look into it.

In the meantime, the best plan is to Watch and Listen. Use your eyes and ears with the videos below to see and hear what I'm doing on the instructional pieces and melodies. Especially clock when I push the slide in; often I'm going for a note that can be got slide-out but sounds better as a bend. ... p#asiabend

Start with the simplest video bottom right: "Basic Scales and Simple Phrases" . Then move to "All Draw-Bending Soul Machine" then "Full Chromatic Scale with Overblows". Once you master playing the C scale in the different ways I demonstrate it will give you the basic idea: that there are several ways to play a phrase, and it's up to your taste to choose the one you like.

Re: Asiabend

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:24 pm
by triona
Thank you for the hint and the link.

Listening and closely looking on the videos seem the best way to me too. Alone for the fact that often there are many different ways to get the tune, sound, effect etc, which depend very much on the individual player's taste, intention and skills.

But anyway: If you are looking for a fast and easy way to set up any tabs (or alike graphics), just go back to the roots. There is no need for complicated, expensive, user-repugnant and hard-to-learn software. Just take a pen and a piece of paper. The drawing can easily turned into a jpg, png or pdf by a simple scanner and standard software available on any odd pc. This is not affording any new skills or investments. And it is most probably even the fastest way to get to acceptable and useful results, as far as my own experiences show. It's just a suggestion, which is within the near reach of anyone. ;)

dear greetings

Re: Asiabend

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:29 pm
by Brendan
Good advice Triona - thanks! :-)