Shifted Paddy Richter D/G

Anything apart from the two mainstream default harmonicas (Solo-tuned fully-valved chromatic, and un-valved Richter 10-hole diatonic). Alternate tunings, different construction, new functionality, interesting old designs, wishful-thinking... whatever!
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Shifted Paddy Richter D/G

Post by donoghue » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:31 am

This forum has been quiet recently, so let me post this discussion of an unusual tuning.

In 2000, Brendan made the following tuning for me on one of his CX-10’s. It remains my primary harp for Irish sessions.

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Blow Slide out 	F#	B	D	F#	A	D	F#	A	D	F#
Draw Slide out	A	C#	E	G	B	C#	E	G	B	C#
Hole  		1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	10
Blow Slide in	G	C	E	G	B	D	G	B	D	G
Draw Slide in	B	D	F#	A	C	E	F#	A	C	E
This has a Paddy Richter in low D when the slide is out, starting on 3 blow. When the slide is in, it is Paddy Richter in G, starting on 4 blow. It is half valved. So at the minimum, this works much like Brendan’s Irish session harp, playing in the keys that most Irish tunes are played in. It covers the full range of a fiddle as used in Irish tunes.

However, by shifting the tonic note by one hole, it opens up some interesting possibilities. Most of the time, using the slide gives you an adjacent note to the one that you are playing, so that this can be used as ornaments like with Brendan’s slide diatonic. And these also can be used as alternate possibilities for playing a passage.

But in practice, the feature that I find most useful is to play tunes in cross positions. For example, with the slide out (D tuning or two sharps), starting on draw notes one gets Em and G. The C natural that is needed for these keys is gotten by pushing the slide in on the 5 draw note, which is in a very convenient location. So just using this one button push, one gets the option of playing a lot of tunes in cross positions. I often like how they sound in these positions better than playing them straight in the G tuning – button in – option.

So the benefits are: Two keys, ornamentation notes, alternate possibilities and cross position playing.


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Re: Shifted Paddy Richter D/G

Post by Brendan » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:00 am

Good to hear that quirky CX-10 is still going and giving you pleasure Jack :-) If you have any videos or recordings playing it, I'd love to hear examples of what you describe.

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