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"Super-Duper Chord Buddy" ... for BP's Quad-Six system

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:22 pm
by IaNerd
NAME: "Super-Duper Chord Buddy" ... for Brendan Power Quad-Six system

In my original Chord Buddy, I fit four useful chords (a I, IV, V and vi) into the diminutive Seydel Big Six. I later expanded upon that idea using a Twin Big Six comb (i.e. two Big Sixes, side-by-side). That led to a version using Brendan Power's "Little Six" Switch-Harp system. In this iteration, we make use of four Big Sixes fitted intro Brendan's Quad-Switch system.

WHEN/HOW: December of 2017. I have not yet made one.


Note that each chord can also be played with inversions, and with or without a reentrant b7th note.