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Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:59 pm
by triona
I don't know, if there is any thread like this already. If not, then just for a start. To share fine music that fits in here. Maybe the one or the other opens a little discussion - be it about the music and the artist(s), or be it about the instruments used. Anyway, if not so, just enjoy the music. Be free to continue.

The Tony Eyers Trio plays the old time tune "Last of Harris", learnt from the fiddling of Bruce Molsky and Matthias Thedens. Two Seydel Major Cross harmonicas are used: on the right a Session Steel Major Cross harmonica in G, in the middle, an octave lower, an 1847 Classic Low Major Cross harmonica in G. The video shows a key characteristic of Major Cross tuned harmonicas: the ability to play tunes in both high and low registers. More details at

Fine done. I really like it. :D
As a trio, it gives an extraordinary sound. I always hear a concertina or alike jammin along.

dear greetings