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The Pogomatic Harmonica has arrived

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:00 am
by harpdog123
I've got 19 ready to go. Here are the benefits:

1. An open cross-tuned slider. (I've done lots of A/B comparisons between slides with small holes and slides with larger holes. Larger holes enhance vibrations and harmonics. Smaller holes dampen them.)
2. Airtight mouthpiece slide assembly sealed by mouth pressure , a flexible mouthpiece, and a super slippery teflon slide that facilitates half-valving and interactive note bending. (Pure teflon, note teflon coated)
4. A slider that doesn't stick. Nothing sticks to teflon.
5. Comfortable fda approved silicone mouthpiece. (The same material used for baby bottle nipples)
6. Ergonomic button. As easy to use your thumb as it is to use your finger!
7. No customization, or embossing required. This baby works straight out of the box!
8. No torsion spring to go flying across the room when the reed plates are disassembled.
9. Super easy disassembly and cleaning. Take it apart in seconds and and spray it in the sink with hot water and reassemble in seconds.
10. Built with quality Seydel reed plates and available in multiple configurations and keys.

I'll give everybody a heads up when I'm ready to sell. Allow for 6 to 8 weeks due to the configured reed plates.

Best Regards!
David Pearce