Masterharp Tuning Table

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Masterharp Tuning Table

Post by jeingham » Mon May 18, 2020 1:34 am


I thought I would offer the last ST15 series (Ser: ST15S 14) tuning table to this group. It is the only table we built with two extra valves to increase air flow over the 1 and 10 reeds on the table. It is in great shape and can be seen here and on the front page of the site, It is a single plate table, as apposed to our Master (double plate) and has a gasket that can handle 7.5 center to center reed spacing (Hohner / standard) as well as 8.0 (Seydels) The full slotted gasket it comes with can handle a wide range of plates with occasional masking. You could also choose the 7.5 cascading gasket we offer in its place, great for plates with oddly placed holes or slots. Or you can have them both for a bit more. The table includes a draw tube, tools to adjust and disassemble, a few spare parts and an operation manual.

The truth is that I have not had the time to *really* understand what this table can do. It was designed to supply a bit more air to the adjacent valves and does that but the benefit has never been clear. The idea was to give a boost to air flow over lowest and highest reeds. For the price you get a very solid table otherwise and if f you don't find them beneficial you do not have to use them. It is priced to sell, I do not expect it to be available for long, and is the last of the series so that in and of itself has got to be worth something I suppose.

Please send me a PM by this forum or my site if you are interested.

John Ingham - Masterharp

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