Looking For Information About The DM48X

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Looking For Information About The DM48X

Post by BigAl » Fri Jan 27, 2023 7:58 pm

I have seen a few of the YouTube videos that Brendan Power has put out over the last two years... BUT...
I am trying find more videos about how to actually use the DM48X.
(I have reached out to the manufacturer of the DM48X for questions and so far, after several days, they have not gotten back with me.
So, this is why I am reaching out to Brendan.)

I want to purchase one... but they are pricey... so I want to obtain some answers.

How does one hook it up?
If it is wireless, then how does one hook it up to the band's PA or to an amp?
If the wireless function is only Bluetooth... then how bad is the latency?
Is there another way, other than Bluetooth in which the DM48X can transmit wirelessly?
Information on patches... where is the best place to get patches, etc.
I am guessing that an mini Ipad is the best way to go verses Android or PC.
Can it be used without patches?
Thank you very much!

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