PowerParts Kits Available for More Products

A space for players interested in my specialist harmonicas, alternate tunings, instructional material, recordings etc to ask questions and share information, experiences, videos etc.
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PowerParts Kits Available for More Products

Post by Brendan » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:42 am

PowerParts kits with detailed instructional videos on how to finish/assemble them are available for a widening range of my harmonicas and accessories.

So far it's the OctaHarp, OctaHarp Selectable, Switch-Harp, un-lipped Chromatic PowerCombs, and Diatonic Power Combs.

If you're the handy type they mean you can save 50% on the price by doing the work yourself. The PowerParts option is open to all, with an extra discount for customisers who want to offer the products on their website.

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