Left hand harmonicas?

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Re: Left hand harmonicas?

Post by zvika » Tue Sep 03, 2019 2:54 pm

Funny thought.
I play from right to left, as I got a Tremolo from my grandparents in mid-school and that was the way I started holding it, before knowing Chromatic and Diatonic harmonica types, which I only started playing 8-9 years later.
The slider goes to the left when I play lows on the right, and having my stronger right arm, I hold the bulk of the harp and the weaker left hand is used to mvoe the harp on fast accurate passages and push the slide with the 2nd finger.
When I play single handed (mostly for fun while doing something), I stretch my right hand all the way to the left so I can push the slider with the tip of the 2nd finger.
So for 2 handed play, I believe left hand players who play left to right (like a Piano) and push the slide with the weaker right hand have got the best combination, and the majority of players being right-handed and playing left to right should heve their slider goes to the left, its only "natural"!

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