Carry Case Suggestion

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Carry Case Suggestion

Post by bmarsolais » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:10 pm

I purchased a 12 slot Lucky 13 carry case from (nothing but outstanding service), loaded it up with my growing collection of Lucky 13's (eight so far) and headed out on my lunch break to the open field across the street with the big shade tree (beautiful San Diego!). I noticed some ants on the ground and was going to hang the unzipped case on a branch to keep from inhaling ants. But I realized (before hanging the case) that my Lucky 13's would fall out of the case into the dirt and leaves below.

Then it struck me that if there was an elastic strap from end to end down the middle of the case, my harps wouldn't fall out. And if there was a matching elastic strap on the lid of the case, I could stick my sheet music (or smart phone with backing tracks) under it and play away.

So I'm going to add the straps to my case. And the lid strap will be in two sections - a 4" (10 cm) section for my iPhone and the rest of the lid for sheet music. Who knows, maybe Brendan will add the straps to a future product enhancement!

BTW, the case is really nice. Quality felt that won't block reeds and not too big considering it holds twelve Lucky 13's. The price is also excellent when you look at the cost of other cases.

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