Switch harp + Hands free?

Anything apart from the two mainstream default harmonicas (Solo-tuned fully-valved chromatic, and un-valved Richter 10-hole diatonic). Alternate tunings, different construction, new functionality, interesting old designs, wishful-thinking... whatever!
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Switch harp + Hands free?

Post by harpdog123 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:58 am

I'd be interested in a Brendan Power switch diatonic harp designed for rack playing that uses Vern Smith's hand free design so rack players could play chromatically with their diatonics.

David Pearce

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Re: Switch harp + Hands free?

Post by Brendan » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:03 am

Good suggestion David. Vern's vertical shifting HFC system would suit the twin diatonic format for a mini chromatic very well.

It would be quite easy to design, much simpler than the interlocking air channels of my TwinHarmonica System.

However the concept is Vern's, and I feel it is up to him to produce such a thing, if he wants to. Or possibly you, with his blessing? You have the design skills and tech knowhow to do it.

I'm happy with my horizontal shifting manual slider/mouthpiece approach for the Switch-Harp, as I think it suits the majority of players better.

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