Detailed Teaching Video on PowerChromatic

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Detailed Teaching Video on PowerChromatic

Post by Brendan » Fri Sep 10, 2021 10:53 am

For those of you interested in PowerChromatic Tuning:

After putting up a 1 minute harmonica version of Scott Joplin's ragtime masterpiece 'The Entertainer' on YouTube Shorts, I got lots of messages from harp players asking for help in playing this classic tune. So here it is... This is a re-edited version of a comprehensive paid-for instructional video I made in 2018 - now available free. It's the whole tune (all four parts), with musical notation and harmonica Tablature. I first play the tune at tempo, then go through it part-by-part - explaining the best note choices, bending advice etc. At the beginning there is a quick explanation of the harmonica I'm using, a Lucky 13 in PowerChromatic Tuning. (The one used for the instructional section is key of G, played in D).

00:00-01:44 - Harmonica Information
01:45-3:19 - All 4 Parts of the 'The Entertainer' Played at Tempo
03:20-03:44 - Explanation of Notes and Tablature
03:45-End - Detailed Instruction of the Four Different Parts, Slowed Down

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