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Country Harmonica (1984) State of the Harp (1990) Harmonica Nights (1990) Digging In (1991) Brendan Power & Geoff Castle (1992) Harmonica After Hours (1993) New Irish Harmonica (1994) Two Trains Running (1995) Blow In (1995) Dawn to Dusk (1996) Jig Jazz (1996) The Music from Riverdance (1996) Iron Lung (2002) Tradish (2004) BP & the Swingfellas (2006) Back to Back (2008) Lament for the 21st Century (2008) Power & White (2009) The Bulgarian Project (2011) Wriggle & Writhe (2011) New Chinese Harmonica (2012) Harp to Harp (2015) PUFNSAW (2016) Sketches in Blue (2017) Harmonica and Button-Box (2017) UNADORNED (2018)


This is an easy-listening album of mostly well-known tunes, recorded in Auckland in 1990. I was asked to do it by James Moss as a condition of releasing my self-financed album of mostly original stuff, State of the Harp, on his label Jayrem Records. When James shopped SOTH around in the industry, people he spoke to liked it, but advised him that if he wanted to make any money out of me, I should record an album of hit song tunes. It was a style of music and a concept I hadn't thought of before, but with the carrot being the release of SOTH (my labour of love), and a debt to pay off, I gladly accepted the deal.

As it turned out, it was fun to do, and I learned a lot - not least that James' commercial instincts were spot-on: SOTH got the good reviews and kudos from musicians, but Harmonica Nights outsold it by a factor of 10-1! It was licensed to Disky Records in Europe and Festival in Australia/NZ.

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