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My Twin-Harmonica System is not just a new harmonica, but a whole new category of them. It pushes the envelope of harmonica design to offer a huge range of exciting new options and enhanced performance never seen before. I believe it's a genuine game changer.

Essentially it's two harmonicas behind a single mouthpiece, generally with a slider to select between them. These harmonicas can be of any type you can think of: diatonics, chromatics, tremolo and octave harps, chords and bass harmonicas.

That sounds simple, but it's not easy to do well! A few customisers have made one-off double harmonicas in the past, but they were generally bulky and suffered from lack of volume & response. But now, using CAD with 3D Printing and laser cutting, I've reduced the size and improved playability by inventing a new design. My Patent Pending Twin-Harmonica System opens up a new world of expressive possibilities to every player who wants to explore beyond current harmonica models - which have remained largely unchanged for over 100 years.
The extent of harmonica combinations is as wide as your imagination, in terms of tunings, sizes, types...! The offerings will widen over time to reflect that. But to start with there are four main options based on the 12 hole chromatic format. They come in two brands, Hering and Hohner, though this will expand as time goes on to other makers.

Patent Pending

I have taken out a Provisional Patent on my new design with the United States Patent Office. It establishes a priority date for my invention, and gives me the security to be able to market my product and seek possible licensees before applying for a full patent.

Brands & Sizes Available

My aim is to offer the Twin-Harmonica System in all the popular harmonica brands: Hohner, Suzuki, Seydel, Hering, and others. I also intend to offer a range of harmonica models and sizes.

For now, I have only the 12 hole size in two brands/models, Hohner CX-12 and Hering 5148. Every brand and harmonica model is different, and requires extensive R&D to make the find adjustments necessary for fitting. New base models will be added regularly once the R&D is done, so what this space!


Each THS model is made to order, so there is a waiting period. The appropriate harmonica models need to be purchased and then the work begins. These complex harmonicas are very labour-intensive to make, which takes time. That attention to fine detail is also reflected in the price, plus the high parts cost - remember, there are two new chromatic harmonicas in each THS model! (However it is possible to save money on the CX-12 options by just buying the upper unit/housing and inserting your own harmonicas behind).

The wait is not excessive: Your order is guaranteed to be shipped within three weeks of the initial payment.
Five prototypes for the Twin Harmonica System
Five Prototype Double Chromatics

UNIQUE BLOW-THRU DOUBLE CHROMATICS: The OctaChrom and OctaChrom Selectable

The rich octave sound, two reeds playing together an octave apart, is one of the most appealing free-reed tonalities. It has never been available on slider chromatics before - but now it is, in two types! My unique OctaChrom and OctaChrom Selectable give you that rich double-reed timbre and loud volume with all the sophistication of a slider chromatic.

For over a century, the only way chromatic harmonica players could play octaves was with 'splits': using the tongue as a divider and playing through both sides of the mouth on a standard chromatic. It sounds great, but is hard to do with real consistency and accuracy, especially at speed. No longer: my BlowThru OctaChroms make chromatic octave playing a breeze! There are two types: the standard OctaChrom and the amazing OctaChrom Selectable. Watch the video to see and hear them in action.

OctaChrom OctaChrom OctaChrom OctaChrom OctaChrom OctaChrom OctaChrom OctaChrom
Click to enlarge, click outside the photo to return.

Buying Advice

These big OctaChrom comb units take a long time to print. The OctaChrom Selectable combs take quite a bit of extra work over the normal sanding and finishing to insert magnets, rear bolts, and to make sure the mating surfaces are flat. Prices reflect the time and work that goes into making them, but they will give a you a totally unique new chromatic harmonica sound. All necessary screws included.

Colour Option:


Fitting Video


We sell the OctaChrom comb units along with reedplate screws, for fitting by you or your favourite harmonica customiser. Hohner 270 chroms use nailed attachment to wooden combs. To fit the reedplates on to the OctaChrom combs you will need to throw away the nails and drill the reedplates to take 1.6mm screws. The process is not difficult if you’re used to working on harmonicas and confident with tools. If not, you should definitely pay someone experienced to do the job. For those who want to do it themselves, I’ve made a detailed video for fitting Hohner 270 reedplates with screw attachment to my custom PowerCombs; please follow along with it carefully, as the same procedure applies to the Octa Chrom and OctaChrom Selectable comb units (see above).

Please note: You'll be fitting standard C reedplates and Tenor or Low C reedplates. The normal C reedplates must be at the front and the Low C reedplates at the rear, or the OctaChroms will not play well. In addition to the ten reedplate screws, I also supply four small coverplate screws for the rear covers of the OctaChrom Selectable, which screw directly into the comb.

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