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This page links to my ever-growing range of in-depth Instructional Videos. Click the text below the Trailer video to go to the area you're interested in!
This series of teaching videos has been created to accompany and augment the teaching book "Play Irish Music on the Blues Harp." Now you can actually see Brendan demonstrating and explaining crucial techniques like tongue triplets, jaw flick triplets, grace notes etc.

Brendan demos some of the amazing possibilities of putting the mic from a standard harmonica (diatonic or chromatic) into the iPad. Not only does it give you great guitar-pedals effects sounds, but you can also trigger MIDI synthesizers! That opens up a huge world of new sounds and possibilities from the traditional harp.

Videos on Irish Harmonica that cover general themes such as playing with good timing, putting sets of tunes together, coping with key changes between tunes, playing in sessions etc etc

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